“Stacey is my only go-to designer! No matter what the project, is whether it is a fundraiser campaign or a Mordechai Shapiro concert, Stacey always delivers on expectations! Her knowledge and expertise add so much to every project. No project is too big & it ALWAYS gets done on time!”

Jack Sasson
Bnot Shira

“The teachers and the principal are blown away by this new math book. The kids were just so excited to learn math this year. The book is filled with beautiful graphics smiling up at them – it makes the kids smile back at the math book. It was just phenomenal, really, really amazing.”

iCount Books

“Stacey is the very best!! Efficient &, creative she knows her work backwards and forwards. She gives great advice to benefit your business. She is so easy to work with and goes out of her way to make sure you’re satisfied. I highly recommend Stacey for graphic design and much more.”

Eileen Mizrahi
Treats by Eileen Granola

“Without a doubt, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my design and layout coordinator, Stacey Gindi. I could never pay Stacey enough for the number of hours she put into helping me, and I am in awe of how she did it, always with a smile. She worked tirelessly to create all four book-jackets, as well as the professional-looking layout of each chapter.

Elizabeth Sitt
Author of “The Office Chronicles Series”

“I am particularly grateful for the artistic design and creativity by the talented graphic artist, Stacey Gindi. I would like to express my appreciation for her beautiful work and creative thought, as well as her tireless effort and professionalism.

Freddie Harari
Author of “Exploring the Wet & Wild Underwater World”

“The material you designed for us created a marketing system that was well written, clear and professional. It gave me the confidence I needed to present my program to potential customers.

Saul Cohen ARR